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Showing cats is a great way to meet new people and teach the community about these great cats and their history. We have met some wonderful new friends and always have a great time. There are youth programs as well for school age kids up through high school. We invite you to look up the show calendar in your area and come out to meet us or our fellow breeders and showers in your area. Please see below for our current adventures in the showing world. 

The following items need to get turned into individual blog posts, each one backdated to the date of the event. I am happy to walk you through how to do this.

The Maine Event

Monroe, WA July 1-3 2023

Our 3rd TICA Show, and the first show with all 3 cats competing. We learned so much from the judges and exhibitors and Tara is learning to be a ring clerk. David and Nikki manned the cats all day while Tara shadowed the ring clerk on Saturday. Logan shows in the Alter (he is neutered) Long Hair division, Arty currently shows in the Long Hair Kitten division (until she is 8 mo. old), and Pharaoh shows in the Long Hair Cat division (cats who are not altered and not household pets). All three had the blessing of making. it to one or more all-breed finals.

Commencement Cat Club

Chehalis, WA May 2023

Show number 2 is in the books. We also brought Logan our alter to hang out with Pharaoh, and decided to enter him as well. He did great and was blessed to be called to several of the all-breed finals during the weekend. To our surprise, I think he may have earned his grand championship at his first show. We will see how the official standings come out in near future.


And A Mouse Cat Club

Elma, WA April 2023

Our 1st ever cat show! A huge thank you to Joe H @RebelSkog for being a great mentor and to the staff and judges for all the grace as we learned to navigate the show arena. We also had our first stay in a hotel with cats and Pharaoh has only been with us a month. He was a bit shy, and in hindsight we should have brought his buddy Logan to hang out with him. We met some great new friends and look forward to more adventures and learning in the shows to come. This is the last show of the TICA 2022-2023 season. May starts the 2023-2024 season. 

Pharaoh placed well in the color and breed division; we expect great things to come from this young boy (9 mo. old)

Cat Fanciers, BC

August, 2023

Coming Soon

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