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Norwegian Forest Cat Alters
by Zion Forest Cattery

Alters are a cat that has been spayed or neutered. They can be shown in TICA in the Alter Division, or in CFA in the Premier Division. In each association, a Championship and Title can be earned based on points and placings during the year.


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Cream Solid, E 21

x cf x SevenStreams Paisley

Logan, our first Norwegian Forest Cat, started the craze, came to us from SevenStreams Cattery in Oregon. He is a beautiful and unique solid cream. In his first 90 days of showing in 2023, he earned TICA's Supreme Grand Champion Alter title. He has wonderful true features—including a handsome triangular face, thick double-coated fur, a fantastic tail, and personality to boot.


Always up for an adventure, Logan took to showing like he had been doing it all his life—he is a character in and out of the ring. He is incredibly affectionate and will jump on my lap any time I sit down. He loves to talk, and always responds to “Let us hear your battle cry.” Logan is also the best uncle cat, and always wants to be the first to meet our new cats. True to the Wegie nature, he is laid back and incredibly adaptable.


Zion Forest Cattery is his forever home.

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