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Norwegian Forest Cat Sire's
by Zion Forest Cattery


GRC PL Forest Eyes Enrico 

Black Silver Classic Tabby, NS 09 22

Pharaoh, our current king of the Castle (or pyramid) came to us from Forest Eyes Cattery in Poland, where he was shown as a kitten in the FIFE association earning excellent marks. He has earned his grand championship in TICA. He is a large black silver classic tabby with white, and carries the unique amber gene. He has the great size, strong features, straight profile, and luxurious coat the Norwegian Forest Cat breed is known for. He is an incredibly intelligent, loyal and affectionate cat, who is both playful and bold in character.

Tara found Pharaoh during her research about starting a cattery and immediately new she wanted a sire who carried the amber gene. We love Pharaoh's black and silver fur as well as his goofy personality. He is very loving and playful, and fits perfectly into our family.

His first litter of kittens arrived in June 2023, all displaying his beautiful silver coloring.


Titran's Quinton of Zion Forest

Red Classic Tabby, D 09 22
Born May 5, 2023

Titran's Quinton came to the cattery in January from Titran's cattery in the Netherlands, in partnership with Prairie Sky cattery in Canada. He is a gorgous red classic tabby with white. He has the Polaris white tail tip as well! Titran's has been perfecting their breeding program for over 20 years. Quinton has a perfect triangular face, exquisite lynx tipped ears, lovely straight profile, a crisp fur texture with a fantastic undercoat, and that wild look about him that is highly desired in the Norwegian Forest Cat. He is a big strong cat already at just 10 months old. He is going to be a big boy! His temperament is outstanding, he takes to new situations very well and displays a fun loving outgoing personality. We look forward to showing him during the 2024-2025 show season and hope to see his first babies in 2025.

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