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Norwegian Forest Cat Queens
by Zion Forest Cattery


SevenStreams Camellia Rose

Black Silver Mackerel Tabby - NS 09 23

Cami is our first queen of the castle. Born in July 2021, she came to us from Seven Streams Cattery in Oregon—the same cattery as our 1st Wegie "Logan." She has a beautiful head with a gorgeous profile, and a great double coat... the silver is absolutely stunning. Her pedigree does not disappoint: she hails from US and International champions on both sides. She is strong but feminine at the same time, well proportioned, with a lovely triangular face, well set ears, and a long luxurious tail.

Cami is very vocal and commands her subject's attention. Her first litter of kittens arrived in June 2023, and she has proved to be an excellent mother, passing along her beautiful coloring, size, straight profile and personality. 


CH PL Betty's Angels Judy Garland

Black Amber sliver tabby and NTS 25

Judy came to us from Betty’s Angels Cattery in Switzerland, where she earned her Championship in FIFE. She is our second queen and a beautiful solid amber-ticked tabby with emerald green eyes. We are thrilled to have such a beautiful female join our family. Judy's first littler of kittens arrived in January 2024. She passed on her striking amber coloring in several colors and patterns. Their personalities are curious and brave and their features are a striking mix from both sire and dam. We are so happy with the pairing of Pharaoh and Judy.


VikingTails Artyi of Zion Forest 

Black and White N 09

Our princess Artyi (pronounced Arty) was born in February 2023, and came to us from Viking Tails Cattery in Minnesota. She is a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat with excellent boning, size, and a personality that can’t be beat. Her lines are filled with a strong, bold heritage from multiple champions, all bearing gorgeous full coats, strong profiles, and long luxurious tails. As a future queen for the cattery, Arty is currently enjoying growing up and learning about showing. She is exceptionally intelligent and interested in everything around her... and definitely wins the character award in the house. Artyi has proved to be an excellent mom passing on her bold features and wondefrul personality to her kittens.


seven streams CharisMa of Zion Forest

Black Tortie with white

Introducing Seven Streams CharisMa. A beautiful Tortie girl from the lovely Seven Streams Cattery in Medford OR. Charis is a 1/2 sister to Queen Cami and our TICA Supreme Champion alter Logan. Her name Charis means good will, loving-kindness, favor in particular to God's merciful grace.  She will begin her TICA and CFA show career in the spring of 2024. Besides her equisite coloring. Charis has a beautiful straight profile, expressive eyes, a thick double coat and lovely black lynx tipped ears. She is a fantastic balance of feminie features with excellent boning and size.  We look forward to her growing up here as part of the Zion Forest family.

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