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And the Winner is........TICA top cats

Drum Roll Please…… TICA Year End Results


How the journey began

It went something like this…… Tara decides to tell Dave her thoughts…..”Hey, Dave” “Yes, dear?” “I think we should show our cats”. He responds, “Ok honey whatever you think is best”.  Time passes while Tara looks for the perfect cat. She talks to some wise people and selects her first show cat….. Not realizing the champion in the wings she already has in the house. Now for the rest of the story...


That is somewhat how our journey into showing started. In the second half of 2022 we decided we wanted to be a Norwegian Forest Cat cattery and began researching how we could get set up, which registries we wanted to be a part of and deciding what cats we could show or if we wanted to bring in a kitten.


We brought Pharaoh from Poland in March and took him to his first show the end of April. He wasn’t so sure about the whole thing so we decided for the next season that began in May 2023 we would bring his buddy Logan as an emotional support kitty. Then we decided we might as well show Logan and the rest is history as they say. As you may know we added to the cattery during the year and brought those kids into the show ring as they were old enough, Artyi from MN in June 2023, Quinnton from The Netherlands in January 2024 and Charis from Oregon in March.


How are show classes separated and cats judged?

I am so glad you asked. Cats are judged to a written breed standard for each breed. In other words, there is a standard about how each breed should look and feel. There are 5 main categories. At some shows we also have long hair and short hair specialty classes thrown in.

The Kitten Class: all kittens from 4 months old until the day they are 8 months old.

Cat or Championship class: unaltered cats from 8 months and up in age

Alters Class are all cats who have been spayed or neutered 8 months and up in age.

Household Pet Adults: usually, all unregistered cats and they are all spayed or neutered 8 mo. and over.

Household Pet Kittens: as above but 4-8mo old.


In the simplest break down, cats are judged in their breed first. After this judging the judge calls back a top group to then be judged for the overall top awards per ring. Usually, the cats called back for finals are the ones who placed 1st in their breed during the original judging. During the year and at each show points are earned for year-end awards in the Region and for international awards. Awards are giving to the Top overall kittens, Cats, Alters and HHP. Then a best of Breed award is given to each number 1 Kitten, Cat, Alter and HHP. Please give me some grace if I have mixed any of this up as it is our first year.


We showed our cats and one of our new kitten owners showed a baby as well. Check out the year end awards below. We are beyond excited for how well we did in our first year. Thanks to amazing mentors, judges and the new friends we met as we showed in Washington, Canada and California.


TICA for 2023-2024 Season Results


1. Artyi                VikingTails Artyi of Zion Forest

NW Region NFC 4th,  TICA International NFC 26th


2. Charis            SevenStreams Charisma of Zion Forest

NW Region NFC 2nd,  48th all breed kitten, TICA International NFC 17th

3.        Strider                                    ZionForest Strider (owned and shown by Deunan)

NW Region NFC 5th, TICA International NFC 30th



Championship Cats

1.Pharaoh            TGC Pl Forest Eyes Enrico

Titles earned Grand through Triple Grand ChampionNW Region NFC 3rd, 57th all breed cat, TICA International NFC 25th


2. Artyi                  VikingTails Artyi of Zion Forest

NW Region NFC 9th , TICA International NFC 72nd


3.Quinnton          Titran’s Quinnton of Zion Forest

Title earned: Champion

NW Region NFC 6th, TICA International NFC 53rd



1.Logan                  RW SGC SevenStreams Logi Bear of Zion Forest

Titles earned – Champion- Supreme Grand Champion

NW Region NFC 1st, all breed alter 15th, TICA International NFC 2nd

Thank you again to everyone we have met this year. To all the judges to used our cats in finals, and gave us newbees pointers from grooming to opinions on breed standard. It was so much fun. We may not show quite as much this next year due to several family events on show dates, but we look forward to each show we do attend.




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