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1 Cat 2 Cats Red Cats Blue Cats

I do love a good play on words from the Dr Suess books, even though there is only 1 cat and he is not blue... he is indeed Red!

Introducing Titran's Quinnton, a new King of the Forest at Zion Forest Cattery. In December 2023, Prairie Sky Norwegian Forest Cats and Zion Forest Cats partnered to bring this lovely young boy to the USA, all the way from Titran's Cattery in The Netherlands.

Christine at Prairie Sky had just returned from a trip to the Netherlands where she saw Quinnton in person, and knowing we wanted another sire at our cattery, she encouraged me to bring this boy home.

I traveled to The Netherlands in January where I met Renee and husband Pieter for a whirlwind weekend of visiting and learning all about their cats and cattery. I have never traveled internationally alone but was up to the challenge (for a cat). A quick flight to Amsterdam, a train ride to s-Hertogenbosch and my fabulous hosts whisked me away to their lovely home town in Vlijem.

I saw the Bible belt of the Netherlands, and a historic river crossing that had been free of charge for 200 years, but for the first time is going to be tolled after the decree ended. Of course I was able to see the traditional windmills, rivers and dyke systems that keep the flooding at bay. The beautiful history and architecture was such a treat, even though this was my second trip to The Netherlands, neither time did I have enough time for true exploration.

Quinnton is a stunning red classic tabby with white, and the Polaris tail tip as well (a white patch at the end of his tail a characteristic of the father of Wegies, Pan Polaris). Titran's has been perfecting their breeding program for over 20 years. Quinton has a perfect triangular face, exquisite lynx tipped ears, lovely straight profile, and a crisp fur texture with a fantastic undercoat—all topped off with that wild look that is highly desired in the Norwegian Forest Cat. He is a big strong cat already at just 10 months old... he is going to be a big boy! His temperament is outstanding, he takes to new situations very well, and displays a fun, loving, outgoing personality. We look forward to showing him during the 2024-2025 show season

and hope to see his first babies in 2025.

Below are some kitten pictures and more recent pictures since he joined our family.



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