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Around the TICA 365 days

Final finals 2023-2024 show year

What a great show to end our first full year of showing our Norwegian Forest cats in the TICA organization.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us learn the ropes, decipher counting points,  improve our grooming(SERIOUISLY thank you), not miss rings, clean up "messes", sooth nerves, and select additional kittens for our program……. And MOST importantly we are thankful to the many new friends we have made and the community & show family we have gained. 

A special word to the judges used our cats in their finals( or did not) and spent time explaining things to improve. Thank you so much for investing your time in us as exhibitors and helping us grow in our knowledge! 

I know there is so much more to learn. We look forward to kicking off year 2 in June. We have some pretty exciting year end awards to announce soon. More than we could ever have dreamed for our first year.



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